thumbnail_Forgive Circle
Love Your Authentic Self with
Radical Self-Forgiveness & Self-Acceptance
Markham/Stouffville Women’s Wellness Circle

In this special forgiveness ceremony it will be possible to own who we are, to embrace the Shadow and bring ourselves fully into the light. In so doing, somehow the traits which used to embarrass us or surface only to cause upset in our lives, no longer have the power over us they once did. And the truth of the matter is that we open ourselves up to receiving more love in our lives because people truly appreciate us when we are “real,” and not guarded or secretive about who we really are.

When we take off the masks and are Being our authentic self we can show up fully and step into our full potential. This is where the magic happens!

Date: Friday, March 23rd
When: 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Please arrive at 6:50PM so we can start right at 7:00PM.
Cost: $20 per person at the door.
Where: The Village Hive at 55 Albert Street, Markham

What to bring: come comfortably dressed, water bottle, yoga mat and slippers!

To RSVP, please visit our event page on Facebook.

About Lorree
After years of extensive researching, training and massive personal growth, Lorree Appleby has radically forgiven her past and taken her power back in her present. She is now living her life fully and authentically and creating her future by educating and guiding others to open their hearts and live their truth with expanded awareness and consciousness through private and group coaching and healing sessions.

Personally trained by Colin Tipping, Founder and Director of the Institute for Radical Forgiveness, Inc., Lorree is a certified Radical Living Master Coach, certified Radical Living Workshop Leader & Satori Game Master, Intuitive Healer, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and soon to be, co-author/documentary co-star and Game Inventor in 2018!