Sound and Vibration with Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls
Markham/Stouffville Women’s Wellness Circle

Janine and Michele will create a sacred space of light that holds a place for you to find your peace, love, balance and joy at our Women’s Wellness Circle on Friday, July 21st at 7PM at The Village Hive.

Every month we gather at 7:00PM to laugh, love, learn and heal together. You can expect to be met with acceptance, to come as you are and leave lighter, more focused and connected to yourselves and your sisters in your community.

On July 21st we will creating an experience to heal, through sound and vibration: along with the crystal and Tibetan bowls, we will also use the spirit drum, tuning forks, the rattle and our voices (plus whatever else decides to join us), to support you on the journey of life.

The sound and vibration supports each individual’s unique present experience in life. Every one of us is doing our own individual healing thus the experience will be unique to you and your place in this present moment.

Date: Friday, July 21st at 7PM
Where: The Village Hive
Cost: $20 per person paid at the door

Please bring something to lie on, blanket or yoga mat, cushions, blanket to cover yourself, whatever helps you to be comfortable.

Janine, Michelle, Tanya and Casandra honor and support all who join us, in the sound and vibration, in love and light. Namaste