Writing from the Centre
Markham/Stouffville Women’s Wellness Circle

Writing and Journaling are wonderful ways to get to know the most important person in your life, YOU.

In this workshop, Writing Facilitator and former Art Therapist, Jennifer Sharko, will lead you though a series of personal exercises to help you connect to your inner writer and inner self.

This workshop includes:
– Understanding what writing and journaling are
– Understanding what you need to be able to write
– Learning about and sampling the different types of journaling
– Developing tools to help you build a personal relationship with non-fiction and fiction writing and sampling both types of writing
– Understanding the use of conflict in story and how embracing conflict can help you in the real world
– A “Where do I go next with my writing?” wrap-up

Jennifer will also answer questions throughout the evening on writing and journaling. Come with your questions and bring a notebook and pen.

Date: Friday, February 17th
Time: 6:50 – 9PM
Location: The Village Hive
Cost: $20.00

About Jennifer:
Jennifer’s first lengthy writing project was her thesis on Childhood Bereavement and Art Therapy. She worked as an Client Care Coordinator and Art Therapist at a visiting volunteer hospice in Newmarket, Ontario. In her private practice she worked with clients dealing with trauma including many individuals who had developmental or intellectually disabilities.

Jennifer was registered with the Canadian Art Therapy Association until recently. Now she holds a retired status with the organization.

After her second daughter was born, Jennifer decided to stay home and raise her two daughters. It was during this time she began needing alternate pursuits. She started running, learned to crochet and became fascinated with writing.

Over the past four years, she has been published multiple times in small publications and has won three short fiction contests.

She loves to read about writing, talk about writing, and attend workshops about writing.

Currently she is the Membership Coordinator of the Writer’s Community of York Region. She is slowly building her website www.writingfromthecentre.ca where she hopes to create a place for writers to learn and communicate.