Mala Bracelet Making (1)

“Creating Mala Bracelets with Purple Lotus”
Markham/Stouffville WWC

We are excited to have Kim of Purple Lotus with us in December to make mala bracelets.  This is a perfect time to make a bracelet for your loved ones as a gift and even for yourself!

Purple Lotus will teach us about the materials, the energy and the intention behind them.  She will also teach us how to make them.  Each piece will be handmade using a selection of semi-precious gemstones, wood, bone, metals and materials – chosen based on both their beauty as well as their healing properties and intentions. From these elements an organic and earthy piece is created – by you!

Many of us already have a mala necklace or bracelet based on what we need – whether to heal, to welcome positive energy, to focus, to ground ourselves, etc.   They are a beautiful way to honour oneself and others.  This is a perfect time to create another piece based on your growth, needs and intentions for the new year.

Please be aware that the bracelets will cost $25 each.  Tanya and I are always cost-aware of the Women’s Wellness Circles and based on our experience from last year, we will decrease the event cost from $20 to $10 this one time only.

December 14th from 7-9PM
@ The Village Hive
55 Albert Street, Markham
$10 per person at the door
$25 per bracelet made

What to bring: come comfortably dressed, water bottle and reading glasses if needed (as we will be doing bead work!)

To RSVP, please visit our event Facebook page.

About Purple Lotus
Purple Lots designs and creates malas, bracelets and necklaces. They design from a place of co-creation, collaboration and connection. inspired by people, places and nature’s elements, near and far.