WWC – Jan2017

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Markham/Stouffville Women’s Wellness Circle

It’s that time of year to welcome warmth and nourishment to our body and spirit!

Join Melissa Seguin, RHN and Soul Nourishment Warrior as she shares her expertise and passion on nourishing the body (and spirit!) with healthy soup! Learn or reacquaint yourself with soup basics such as bone broth, taste one of her most popular soups and explore the importance of food energy and how soup is packed full of it.

What to expect:
– Learn why bone broth is so important and how to make it
– Learn about other super food ingredients that make soup power packed with nutrients and flavour
– Receive tips and tricks to make soups EASY, healthy, healing and delicious
– Understand what “food energy” means and how it applies to what you eat
– Receive Melissa’s favourite soup recipes and even taste one of her fav’s
– Know about the “pantry must-haves” to really great soup
– Learn what staples to keep on hand so you are always only a few minutes away from a great bowl of goodness.

Melissa will also answer questions throughout the evening on health, nutrition and overall wellness for you and your family. Come with your questions and bring a notebook and pen.

Date: Friday, January 27th
Time: 6:50 – 9PM
Location: The Village Hive
Cost: $20.00
Come comfortably dressed and continue to bring those slippers!

About Melissa Seguin
Melissa is a super passionate health and wellness trailblazer and a true SOUL NOURISHMENT WARRIOR. Massage therapy was her first love and she just recently took an inactive status, after 19 years of practice. Melissa has always had a passion for food and nutrition so it was only natural that she add the title of Holistic Nutritionist to her academic portfolio. Since then she has also added a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine, but at the request of her husband is now banned from further education – hahaha (kidding)!

Melissa’s passion lies in helping families truly connect around the dinner table. She wholeheartedly believes that sitting down to dinner as a family not only strengthens the family bond but it also provides a practice ground for children to be and connect with who THEY truly are – at the SOUL level. Melissa loves to educate families on the power whole food nutrition because she has an unwavering belief in the power of food and giving the body what it needs to function optimally, fully knowing that feeding it well IS the best gift!

Melissa is a wife to the best hubby ever and a mama to two adorable little men ages 6 and 4. It’s her own family that has inspired her personal mission of impacting the health of 10,000 families by 2020!