WWC April


Dream Yourself Awake

Your nighttime dreams can awaken and enhance your life, the one you “dream” of living!

April’s Women’s Wellness Circle for Markham/Stouffville will introduce ACTIVE DREAMING, led by Sue Burness. Connecting with your sleeping dreams connects you with your deeper self. Within this connection you receive guidance and energy you can use in everyday life.

This will not be about cookie-cutter dream analysis. To get the most from our dreams, we will learn to approach them using the Lightning Dreamwork Game, a simple, powerful process for talking about and getting feedback about our dreams. This will also include approaching them with a child-like energy. We learn so much from our inner children!

Mark your calendars:
Friday, April 22 at 7-9PM @ The Village Hive
(in the Olde School House), 55 Albert Street, Markham
$20 per person
Parking is available

Please bring a notebook/journal, favourite crayons or markers and a stuffed animal or two (really!).   We will have extra crayons and markers on hand but you may have to steal a stuffy for the night from one of your kids. J

RSVP by visiting the Facebook event page and select “going” to confirm your spot.   You may also email me directly with the subject line “Attending April’s WWC” and providing your name and contact information.

Optional: If you remember any dreams before the event, write them down in the journal.

More about Active Dreaming
During the evening we’ll also explore ways in which to support any children in our lives by supporting THEIR dream exploration. This will be a creative, fun and colourful evening!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Casandra & Tanya