How can I support you?

Coaching is about transformation not information.  It is about change that takes your life from what it is today and towards that extraordinary life you want – and in manageable but courageous steps forward.  But…you have to want that change.  Are you ready?  Here is how I can support you:

For Change-making Women

One-on-One Coaching

It’s time for change with you in the driver’s seat.  You believe in yourself and the right support to get you to where you want to go.  Our work together will be intense, rewarding and transformative.  My job is to create the space, energy and environment for you to build the capacity within, to challenge you to empower yourself to achieve what you desire.

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Project WHY Group Coaching

Feeling confused and frustrated about your purpose?  Your WHY is behind that purpose and I’m confident you’ve lived from your WHY most, if not, all of your life.  Even if you can’t really say what your WHY is yet.  The Project WHY program is about experiencing the thrill of knowing what makes you tick and you get to do it with other like-minded and like-spirited women! Small group, powerful coaching.

Sneak peek at details (you’ll find more information by clicking Learn More):
Next group session begins Tuesday, February 5, 2019 at 7PM
Eight weeks, two-hour group coaching
Group coaching via Zoom
Eight participants maximum
And more…

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The WHY Club

This invitation-only gathering is for women to delve deeper into the WHY.  Your WHY is a calling from deep within.  It is something that drives and builds your purpose, your mission in life.

There are two ways to experience The WHY Club
1. Be a speaker and share your WHY.
2. Be a witness and listener.

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For Change-maker Businesses

One-on-One Strategic Business Coaching

You are a solo-preneur or small business in the early stages of getting it or the idea off the ground.  AND your business is not only revenue driven BUT includes making a positive impact on society, people and/or the environment.  I am not interested in businesses with a sole focus on revenue.

My experience in strategic business planning lends itself beautifully in receiving the know-how PLUS powerful coaching together (let’s tackle those blocks to success).  I am also a changemaker with a deep calling to support others who have a desire to make a positive impact.  You might consider yourself a social enterprise or innovator.  You might be looking for that B-corp. status.

Expect to be deeply coached but also take ownership in getting those simple but challenging steps underway to get the business off the ground.  This coaching is firmly rooted in the belief that if your business foundation is NOT solid, let alone properly created, success will be compromised.  Especially with the additional dynamic of building yourself as a social enterprise or innovator.  Ready?

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Where do I start?

Let’s find out if we want to work together by having a powerful conversation first. The entire coaching experience is about you and for you.  I commit to engaging in a powerful conversation with you at the start.  If, at the end of that conversation, we are both saying “Heck, yes, let’s get this started!” there is an opportunity to explore the program that is right for you.

Coaching isn’t necessary to have a happy life but it is an investment and a gift to yourself to go above and beyond your wildest expectations.  Every step forward is a step toward your own power.

1. If you have a question, contact me.
2. If you are ready to take the next step, schedule a complimentary powerful coaching conversation (two hours in length).