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The Women’s Wellness Circle (WWC) provides an opportunity for like-minded and like-spirited women to connect to greater passion, play and purpose in their lives and to learn about useful wellness resources to live healthier and happier.  Being a Transformational Coach means I am dedicated and passionate in seeking out resources and experiences to live healthier and happier.  It also means I’m building my tribe.  A tribe of women who are compelled to break free from fear and old beliefs.  A tribe of women who want to live courageously, do something meaningful and want to be positive players on the world stage.  The WWC is one of the ways to make this happen. Check out dates and topics below.

Who should check out the WWC:

  • If you want to connect with other like-minded and like-spirited women in your community
  • If you want to explore different modalities for self-care
  • If you want to find ways to heal
  • If you have a love of learning
  • If you are interested in personal development
  • If you want a safe space to let go and allow your self-expression to flowlong badge-04

There will be a circle on the third Friday, once a month (there are a handful of exceptions where it will be on a different Friday but we will let you know). It will offer 12 different presenters, experiences and learning.  So each month will be different!  Check out the listed dates below.

We will be holding circle at The Village Hive at 55 Albert Street in Markham.  The energy of this space lends so well to what circle is about – positive energy and good feeling. Circles will be held inside during the colder months and outside in warmer ones.

All circles will begin at 7PM and run for two (2) hours.  The cost is $20 per person.  Click on each one for more details.

2019 Women’s Wellness Circles

Friday, January 25th – Zen for the New Year – Shift to Instant Calm
Friday, February 22nd – The Healing Drum with Rhythmic Reframing
Annual Event – Wednesday, March 6th – Empower One
Friday, March 22nd – An Introduction to Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval
Friday, April 26th – Kirtan Drumming
Friday, May 17th – Essential Oils
Friday, June 21st – Introduction to Tai Chi
Friday, July 19th – TBD
Friday, August, 16th – Summer Break, Enoy!
Friday, September 20th – Soul Journaling
Friday, October 18th – TBD
Friday, November 15th – Creating Your Vision Board for 2020
Friday, December 13th – The Healing Power of Crystals

2018 Women’s Wellness Circles

Friday, January 26th – Sound Healing & Spirit Drums
Friday, February 16th – Women with Swords – your ancient Archetype
Friday, March 23rd – Love Your Authentic Self with Radical Self-Forgiveness
Friday, April 27th – Creating a Sandalwood Mala Necklace
Friday, May 18th – An Evening with the Flower Moon
Friday, June 15th – Creating Mandala 2.0 – The Healing Art of the Sacred Circle
July and August – Summer Break, Enjoy!
Friday, September 21st – Lacto-Fermentation: A Powerful Health-giving Food
Friday, October 26th – Introduction to SoulCollage®
Friday, November 16th – Zen For The Holidays – Shift to Instant Calm
Friday, December 14th – Mala Bracelet Making with Purple Lotus!

2017 Women’s Wellness Circles

Friday, January 27th – Soul Nourishment: Back to Soup Basics 
Friday, February 17th – Writing from the Centre
Friday, March 31st – Creating Your Vision Card: An Expression and Inspiration For You
Friday, April 21st – Learning Your Primary Love Language
Friday, May 12th – The Art of Belly Dancing
Friday, June 16th – Meditation – Celebrating Earth & Upcoming Summer Solstice
Friday, July 21st – Sound & Vibration with Singing Bowls
Friday, August 18th – Creating Mandala
Friday, September 15th – Intuitive Art: An Expression of Self
Friday, October 20th – EFT – Tapping Into Your Inspiration
Friday, November 17th – Best Life Manifesto
Friday, December 15th – Creating Sandalwood Mala Necklaces

2016 Women’s Wellness Circles

Friday, January 22nd – Rhythmic Re-framing
Friday, February 19th – Creating Mandala – The Healing Art of the Sacred Circle
Friday, March 18th – Breath of Bliss – Exploring Guided Breathwork
Friday, April 22nd – Dream Yourself Awake
Friday, May 27th – Sound Journey for the Heart: A Heart Chakra Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls
Friday, June 17th – Dance as a Tool for Healing & Manifestation
Friday, July 15th – Essential Oil Chakra Balancing
Friday, August 19th – Walking the Labyrinth
Friday, September 16th – Drum Circle – Get Back Into Your Groove
Friday, October 21st – Change Your Brain, Change Your Results!
Friday, November 18th – Creating Your Own Finger Labyrinth – Meditative Art
Friday, December 9th – Self Love and Self Acceptance

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Jennifer · March 17, 2016 at 12:49 am

I would love to join this group on Friday. Would like to know what is planned for this evening. Looking forward.

    admin · March 17, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    Hi Jennifer!
    Here is the link to tomorrow night’s circle -https://www.casandrabryantcoaching.com/wwc-march/.

    If you are on Facebook as well, you can find the event page here -https://www.facebook.com/events/1754084594811605/

    We are in the midst of prepping the remainder of the circle events this year and it will be posted on this page.

    Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any questions!

Imagine a woman · January 5, 2016 at 12:44 am

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