Strategic Business Coaching

Change-maker Businesses

One-on-One Business Planning Coaching

This package is for you if you:

  • want personalized business support
  • consider yourself a changemaker and want your business to reflect this
  • want to take that courageous step to become an entrepreneur
  • are already a small business but struggling
  • have already created your business but services and/or products messaging are still unclear
  • want to identify and attract your target audience(s)
  • want to increase revenue and have your business create positive impact on society, the community and the environment around you

You will be able to:

  • uncover what’s been stopping you from taking the business to the next level and turn it into an asset business building tool
  • discover and leverage your unique value offer proposition(s) to clients
  • ground your key messaging and business foundation (do you know your mission, vision and principles?)
  • get really clear on why you are a changemaker and how your business reflects this
  • create your signature services and products
  • efficiently use your time to build your business
  • learn how to prioritize the complex and multiple demands on building a business
  • identify when, where and who to create as team and outsource appropriately

Details you need to know:
Exclusive one-on-one coaching for up to five women at any given time.
If we work together, you are a priority.
Program is 12 months in duration, three times a month, 60 minute sessions in length.
One-day coaching intensive where and when needed.

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A business that makes a positive impact.

Are you a female entrepreneur with a business that is or will make a positive impact on society – a business that will help to accelerate, “a global culture shift that redefines success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy?”  Women are making a difference, every day.

Client successes include:

  • A co-working space that focuses on collaboration and wellness and is now consulting for other co=working spaces in Canada.
  • A healthcare program that leads from humanity for frontline workers (nurses) and senior leadership in hospitals.
  • An urban retreat that includes coaching, refuelling (through rest, relaxation, meditation and food!) and connection.
  • Soon-to-be published book on using our senses for mindfulness.
  • A travel agency with a focus on purposeful and experiential travel for families.
  • A budding business based on spirituality and energy work.
  • Third anniversary of a Women’s Wellness Circle that has spotlighted 36 local female entrepreneurs to date.