Spotlight – Wellness with Fermentation

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2018 September’s Women’s Wellness Circle Spotlight – Fermentation!

Did you know fermented foods contain bacteria, which are probiotic? The interaction of this bacteria with our own microbiome can improve digestion, immune function, mental health, increase energy, reduce inflammation, fighting food borne illness and much more. 

Lacto-fermentation, also called lactic acid fermentation, is a way to preserve vegetables, dairy, dough etc. by using friendly bacteria. This process makes lactic acid which creates an acidic enviroment that preserves food. The lactic acid is also responsible for the delicious tangy taste.

This circle was presented by Audrey King, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Audrey has embraced fermenting as a great way to eat nutrient dense food year round.  She feels It is important to get back to basics and re-educate ourselves on what food best supplies our bodies with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and vibrant.

We learned about how to make our own kombucha and sauerkraut and sampled various varieties of each.  My favourite was mint, stinging nettle and cucumber.  If you are in the local area, Audrey is selling her divine kombucha.  Want to learn more?  You can visit her website here

Here are pics of the evening together.

About Women’s Wellness Circle in Markham/Stouffville:
A monthly gathering where women come together and learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others.  It’s a place where we discover and integrate new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming.  As each woman claims her seat in the circle, we come together as equals united by our common purpose.  The circle itself represents a sacred symbol that has been honoured throughout time. 

In circle, the demands and frenzy of the outside world are put on pause and we have a rich opportunity to assess our personal needs and fill our cups with the medicine of women’s sacred community.  We are sitting together and welcoming one another just as we are. 

Want to learn more?  Check out the Women’s Wellness Circle page.

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