Spotlight – SoulCollage

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2018 October’s Women’s Wellness Circle spotlight is on SoulCollage.

SoulCollage® is an easy, fun tool for exploration and expression of the many parts of the Self. This is a creative process accessible to everyone–even those people who believe they have no artistic ability. Using imagination and intuition, each participant creates his or her own deck of collaged cards from simple materials: magazine images, photographs, scissors, glue, and heavy card. Each card represents some aspect of the Self; this practice honors the personal journey of each individual, and promotes personal growth and self-acceptance.

SoulCollage was presented by Sue Reynolds – a writer, teacher and psychotherapist whose specialty is writing for therapeutic benefit. Sue teaches through workshops in the community, in college continuing education programs, and in social services settings. You can find her website and more information on SoulCollage here.

Here are pics of SoulCollage cards created at circle.

About Women’s Wellness Circle in Markham/Stouffville:
A monthly gathering where women come together and learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to others.  It’s a place where we discover and integrate new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming.  As each woman claims her seat in the circle, we come together as equals united by our common purpose.  The circle itself represents a sacred symbol that has been honoured throughout time. 

In circle, the demands and frenzy of the outside world are put on pause and we have a rich opportunity to assess our personal needs and fill our cups with the medicine of women’s sacred community.  We are sitting together and welcoming one another just as we are. 

Want to learn more?  Check out the Women’s Wellness Circle page.