Saving the World One Woman at a Time – Part Two

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Saving the World One Woman at a Time
Part Two – Let Your Feminine Energy Lead

In the past 6-8 years, I’ve worked hard to lead from my values. Part of that has been to better understand my feminine energy. We live in a world dominated by masculine energy and for many of us; we’ve worked heavily in this energy most of our lives. If you feel drained, competitive, defensive, reactive or robotic, it can be reflective of too much masculine energy.

But it isn’t about one form of energy over the other. We need both to feel whole, balanced and at our best. It’s the yin and the yang and the right and the left-brain. IT IS about making a shift to allow your feminine energy help restore the balance. As women, we instinctually grasp for it unknowingly and that is because it’s trying to find ways to be heard, seen and expressed as our true selves.

Let’s take a look at some examples between the two energies.

Masculine energy is about the individual whereas the feminine is about the collective.
Masculine energy brings out our competitive side while our feminine energy thrives in collaboration.
Masculine energy is based in logic, feminine is based in values.
Masculine energy is about the bottom line where as feminine energy is stakeholder oriented.

Neither is right or wrong, they just are. An article titled, “The Rising Feminine Energy” describes that the feminine helps us to “be.” This form of energy softens the constant male-driven “doingness” of our lives, […] to survive in the material world.” It also refuels and replenishes us deeply.

There is much to explore about our feminine energy and finding ways to bring it back into balance. I am not an expert in the subject but I am a life long student to seek ways to live a more balanced life; a happier and healthier one.  We each have our own internal equilibrium of masculine and feminine energy that is optimal for each of us as individuals.

How do you wish to step more into your feminine energy?  In what ways can you LEAD from your feminine energy?

*This is a four part blog series.  Stay tuned for Part Three – “The world will be saved by western women”