Saving the World One Woman at a Time – Part Four

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Saving the World One Woman at a Time
Part Four (and final) – Heal Yourself First

Let’s face it, saving the world is a huge task. But we can bring it close to home by starting with ourselves first and that first step is to heal. Healing is important because if we are not whole, then we whittle away our spirit, mind and body to the merest whisper of ourselves. It is hard to serve from a cup that is empty.

Healing ourselves can mean different things to different people.

Healing can mean taking care of your overall health and wellness by being proactive – visit your doctor, dentist, therapist, naturopath, etc. Book feel good appointments such as mani/pedis, massages* Attend meditation & yoga classes. Also consider your diet and exercise. Your physical and mental health are extremely important. Identify three appointments you’ve been meaning to make but haven’t done so yet. Call them in the next 48 hours. And before the end of this week, identify or reconfirm three nutrition and/or exercise goals you’d like to achieve in the next three to six months.

Healing can mean a readiness to continue your personal development journey. I am confident that the majority, if not all of you here today, have an interest in this. Personal development is the desire to reach one’s full potential by turning attention and curiosity inwards towards yourself and the truth of your nature.  It is also discovering what makes your heart sing, finding your path to enlightenment, and simply growing as a human being. Of course we can attempt to do this flying solo but when we create support teams around us, the chances for success are ten-fold. Think about some of the things you are doing already or that you’d like to do to help create this team.

Healing can mean not feeling alone – by reaching out to friends, family, finding your tribe, or joining groups with like minded and like spirited women. You are incredibly busy so when you have time to give, MAKE-IT –COUNT. Don’t waste it on the naysayers, and complainers. Connect with those who have your interests at heart and a stake in your happiness.  List three people you’d love to spend time with and book it. **Also list three people who have swallowed up your time and energy. Consider how you’d like to spend future time with them, if at all.

Healing can mean finding moments of peace and love even if current circumstances are not peaceful and loving. I am aware that each of us have experienced pain and suffering and you could be experiencing it right now. But give yourself peace and love even in the briefest of moments.

Forgive yourself. We are our own harshest critics. Stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself more. You are an incredible human being with so much to give. Don’t let past mistakes, judgments or self-hate rule your life. Let go, forgive and step forward.

Healing can mean de-cluttering. I don’t know about you but I LOVE to declutter and I am in my happy place. De-cluttering means to “remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place). (source: Websters dictionary) I’m curious what comes to mind when you think of decluttering? Did you envision your closet, office, house or email inbox? Was it your busy schedule, mind, or a relationship? In your handout, you can identify three things or areas you want to declutter. By doing so, you open up space to heal, create happiness and allow something good to come your way. I find when I declutter a physical space, it clears up my mental space too.

Healing can mean slowing down even for a minute each day and being present.

One of the most valuable tools in my healing journey is breathing. About five years ago I realized “I forgot how to breathe”. You know that grounding breath that slows things down and nurtures the body, mind and spirit? I was so busy and depleted that I was either holding my breath or doing short breaths in my upper chest. It wasn’t helpful and in fact was creating problems.

I scheduled time to breathe with yoga and meditation classes. I created structure to relearn that deep, belly breath and explroe different techniques to bring oxygen into my system and peace to my mind. Today, I use it whenever I need a restorative, nurturing breath. I use it to get present and grounded at each Women’s Wellness Circle, coaching session and when I want to invite my creativity to come and play.

My guess is you have been conscious of your breathing while I have been talking about it.  If you haven’t done so already, take a deep, nurturing breath right now. Breathe right down to your belly. Look at you healing yourselves in the moment. Good on you.

You can see healing means different things. It supports the ability to create possibilities, turn dreams into reality, further instills that what you do matters, and that you are worthy of experiencing love, happiness, safety and belonging. It’s about self-care, refueling, slowing down and becoming present in the moment. Healing helps you to step into your purpose and live from it. When you are aware of and living within your purpose the impact is huge and far-reaching. It will have a ripple effect and benefit many people.