One-on-One Coaching

Change-making Women

You ready to play big?  This coaching is for you if you:

  • are a high achieving individual who is in transition and seeking transformation
  • are committed to seeing it happen
  • have a ton of ideas about what you want to do but not sure where to start
  • want to truly put some ridiculous dreams and goals into action
  • desire to live confidently and stop letting fear determine what and how you do things

You will be able to:

  • explore and be crystal clear on what you really want and value
  • put into play how best to take manageable and meaningful action
  • have access to transformational tools that will turn fear into compassion and strength
  • start to play big in your business, at work, and at home
  • discover your self-care requirements to live and play boldly
  • learn how to best use your feminine energy to achieve success
  • have your desired change and choice. Period.

Details you need to know:
Exclusive one-on-one coaching for up to five women at any given time.
If we work together, you are a priority.
Program is 12 months in duration, three times a month, 60 minute sessions in length.
One-day coaching intensive where and when needed.

Want to learn more?  Schedule a complimentary powerful coaching conversation.

My clients are change-makers.

  • One client achieved two major levels in her network marketing business by defining her larger purpose and leading from that purpose every day and with her tribe.  She is set to soar not only in revenue and business expansion but as an inspirational speaker.
  • A health-care industry client received revenue of $125K in its first full year of operation once the business idea transformed into a clear and focused business plan.  Her wellness business has launched in Ontario, Canada and in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Another client is approaching the third anniversary of her innovative co-working, collaboration and wellness business in Markham, ON.  She was recently interviewed by the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Indigenous Services, Member of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.