My Story – Being a Mama

Casandra_1 (1)I’ll share one of my life journeys with you.

It’s about being a mama. My whole life I’ve set goals and made some dreams come true. One of those dreams was to be a mom. In my mind’s eye, I would work at my career and then have a child. Then I would return to work and have another child and so on until I hit my magical number of three kids. It would be after my third that I could finally allow myself to not rush back to full-time work. I worked all my life to give myself that choice. Well I got what I wished. I have three beautiful children (twin boys and a daughter) and I didn’t return to work full-time. Now this isn’t about me defining my sole purpose to be a mother. It was about me investing years into working to be able to have a choice to not go back to work. I wanted to be able to choose the when and the how with my kids.

Within six months of my daughter’s life and with twin three year old boys, I was exhausted. My husband worked long hours, I was up at night with my daughter, was ripped from my slumber from the boys in the morning, ran the boys to pre-school and playdates, did errands, entertained all three kids, made the meals and generally kept “house.” My husband came home in time to help put the kids to bed. And then I started all over again. We’ve all experienced this to varying degrees. During this period something deep inside withered away. Although I was incredibly busy and loving my children, it wasn’t nourishing or energizing for my own self. It felt like there was no choice before me and something had to give. I didn’t want that something to be my sanity, my marriage or joy for my children.

I’m a fighter. I believe everyone has the power to make a change. You have to have courage. You have to believe you are deserving of that desired change (and by the way, you are). It could take years or a brief moment to make it happen. Each of us is unique – we are made up of the life experience we’ve had thus far, the present moment and the choices we make moving forward.

It took me close to two years to truly put into play my desired change as a mother, how I spent my time with them, how I approached my duties and prioritizing what was important to me. I am still on my mama journey and will continue to be so.

This is just one journey in the story of my life.  It isn’t just about being the best mom but the best woman I can be for my children, partner and for my business.  In amongst the journey as a mother, I have experienced great career achievement.  Now I am taking my collective experience, education, skills and core strengths into my passion work as a coach.  Now I come from a place of strength, courage and empowerment.  I am a softer, more loving, purposeful and courageous version of myself.  I want that for you too.