We are looking for inspiring, professional, established and heart-centered people in the field of health, wellness or the creative arts field to lead one of our amazing Women’s Wellness Circles.

Casandra Bryant and Tanya Porter launched Markham’s Women’s Wellness Circle in January, 2016.  This circle is one of many based on the original founding circle 10 years ago by Jill Hewlett in Aurora, Ontario.  Our aim is to provide a space for women who are looking for this type of gathering.  Women who want to learn, explore, experience and connect.

Anything that is health and wellness focused as well as arts-based.  Examples include holistic healers, artists, dance/yoga teachers, naturopaths, body work practitioners, astrologers, numerologists, gardeners, herbalists, homeopaths, dance, music visual arts and entertainment.

Nature of the circle
It is not meant to be sales focused but educational and inspirational in nature.  Participants should walk away with new tools, perspectives and learning that can immediately enhance their lives.  The presenter has an opportunity to share who they are and what they love to a captive audience who is interested in them and their topic.

Circle is typically 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.  Our main location will be at The Village Hive on 55 Albert Street in Markham.  However, if your circle experience requires a different, local location, we can discuss that option.

What you receive
The premise of the circle is to be experiential, accessible and affordable.  No matter what the topic or who is presenting, participants only pay $20.  We are looking for presenters who would like to ‘give back’ but also want the opportunity to directly promote their business by providing this educational experience.  You are not allowed to sell your products/services but you will be able to reference products, upcoming workshops, offerings and a newsletter signup.  You can sell a book, CD, essential oil or any other item(s) that has a relevant connection to the presentation.  You will also be promoted on the circle webpage, social media, newsletters and other cross promotion between the various circle locations.

Please contact Casandra Bryant by email or by phone at 416.892.8065.

*Photo accredited to Jill Hewlett